quakes 2Whenever you shoot images, you can look beyond the immediate assignment and see if there is, sometimes within the mundane and sometimes within the exciting, a picture that trancends and presents itself as “Photography into art”.  It’possible that these images are found within others shot for an assignment, or they can be ones where the photographer has set out to produce something special, an image that without wishing to sound pretentious, stirs the soul.  Thecart lies in being able to seize the moment and recognise it as something special, perhaps even something great and freeze that moment.

I find that one of the subjects that has worked well as a source of photography into art is the music scene.  Live photography of performers, if carried out well can be really exciting.  If you get a good one to one session with the artists, that too can produce great results. Also I find landscapes work well if you look beyond the mundane and search for the spark of something extra, that makes the image art.

I’ve written before that there is a sad malaise in a lot of modern photography, a belief that if you take the mundane and ordinary and print it big enough it will somehow become art. This is of corse sadly not the case, it just becomes, big meaninless snapshots. If there is an art here, it is learning the difference.

In the mean time I have included some images that have been sold as fine art, both as general sales and limited edition fine art prints. If you see something you like, be sure to check out the shop section HERE

John’s Lily

A lily growing in the garden pond of my dear friend, the late photographer John Shenton of the Daily Mirror © Paul Stewart


The hand of Vincenzo LoGreco, jazz bass player, Milan © Paul Stewart
The hand of Vincenzo LoGreco, jazz bass player, Milan © Paul Stewart