2011-07-010005Lamb to Loom – The story of wool, in association with the International Wool Secretariat and Hackney City Farm – Sponsored by Ilford Photographic



POTP_SOTN001State of the Nation – a look at 30 years of campaigning by Shelter the National Housing Charity, to mark their thirtieth anniversary. Sponsored by Ilford Photographic and One2One.



Aqn posterA Quiet Night – 24 hours with East London’s emergency services. Sponsored by Ilford Photographic



ex stickerRevolting Britons – From the Welling to the M11 link – Protests in the Thatcher-Major Years Sponsored by Kodak, Tamron Imaging and the Daily Mirror, (with Gary Trotter of ISF).


Fish Rising – From the North Sea to the Fish & Chip shop the story of Britain’s true national dish. Sponsored By The Seafish Industry Authority, Kodak and the Sunday Times Magazine


Ribbon of Black Satin – The night world of the river Thames, sponsored by The Daily Express, Express.co.uk and Epson.




30 – Not Out!!! A first retrospective.  Jersey International Arts Festival 2003 – Sponsored by Epson




1It’s Amazing Who You Meet – Portraits and incidental images of people with talent and influence.






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