A really top weekend with the Tom, Ed, the Royal Parks Shires volunteers and of course Roy and Aragon.  The office for the weekend was Hampton Court Palace and the BBC Good Food Feast festival.  I sold some books and talked to many visitors about the “Last Herd” project.  Check out the gallery, at one point Royale was so chilled out his head rested on the straw bales as he slept while being petted by the crowd.

As ever the Shires were a great draw, especially with the kids, though a lot of the adults were equally smitten,  A lot of real interest in “The Last Herd” and people queueing up to hear about them and their history.  For the photographers, the black and white images are straight out of camera with just a bit of burning and dodging on some.  The film simulation is my tweaked version of ACROS Neopan on one of my Fujifilm X-Pro2s.  I really thing the X-Pro2 is, at the moment,  the best camera on the planet for “Street” photography and photojournalism.

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