Ed fits Heath’s bridle
The tourists love the Shires

A typically English spring day in Hampton Court, freezing one minute, warm the next. More work on the book with the @OpCentaur,  Royal Parks Shires #royalparksshires. From the early morning grooming in their old Home Farm stables (***up at 7:30 and I’m a night picture editor) and out to Hampton Court to pull a two car tram for the tourists. It’s fantastic to see how everyone loves these majestic, gentle giants.  Hampton Court is of course, the ancestral home of the Shires, so called because Henry the 8th ordered the biggest horses in the kingdom be brought to Hampton Court to be bred with his large horses, to produce a large horse to carry knights into battle in full armour.  `Today the coachmen were Ed and Tom and the horses Massey and Heath.


L-R Massey and Heath pull the passenger tram at Hampton Court Palace, the coachman is Tom

*** Just a point, can anyone tell me why there is a 7:30 in the morning, when there is a perfectly adequate one in the evening?

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