Domke-NEW-Logo_Black-e1396625129853This year is the 40th anniversary of Domke Camera bags, the first was designed by Jim Domke, a working photographer who set up a company to sell them. I have used their bags for most of my working life, certainly over 30 years and I still have some in use, that are over 25 years old, hey seem to have lasted better than I have.  I was talking to the company that now makes them, Tiffen and I’m very proud to announce that they have asked me to be a “Brand Ambassador” for Domke products.

I’m looking forward to working with them and finding out about the developments in their new products.  For those who want to know, the latest bags I’m using are new F1-x and F2s, both part of their traditional range and I’m still using my F 806  large satchel, which has a two head Genesis flash system in it and my battered old F-7 which will have a D90 infrared camera in it shortly.


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