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The Last Herd is coming together

The book and exhibition of “The Last Herd” which looks at Operation Centaur and their work with the Royal Parks’ Shires is progressing at a good pace.  I’ve had two good pieces in the Daily Express, including a double page main Saturday feature and this has been followed up by […]

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Royal Parks Pimms in the Park event

Visitors and those just passing through Richmond Park were treated to an amazing sight that would bring joy to any horse lover as mid summer’s evening saw the first “Pimms In The Park Mid Summer’s Ride”.  The ride was the first of its kind, organised by The Royal Parks, and […]

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Two Horses and an MP walk down an avenue

Two Horses and an MP walk down an avenue….. That sound like the start of a joke, but not this time.  Today two of my current photographic projects came together. I’m working on a project called River: The life of the Arcadian Thames as well as the Last Herd, on […]

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