My first experience of making moving images started with 8mm and the 16mm film and it was back in the 70s I first became involved with video. I even worked for the Japanese consumer electronics firm JVC at the time they introduced VHS video to the world. In the early 80s I went to the USA where I worked with my late brother on a current affairs programme and a numbe of TV commercials in Charleston South Carolina. After I returned to the UK I continued to work in professional audio and broadcast, alongside my national newspaper photography.

Before I started full time night picture editing the DailY Express, I was doing quite a bit of corporate and other videos. The client base was wide with work for the government sector, (Department of Health and Exeter City Council), and commercial clients like the JeepClub. I also shot a number of music based videos.

Now it’s time to go back to the future as I’m working on a number of documentary projects. It’s time to update the hardware to the latest 4k kit. Enter the new C 300 Mk II from Canon, so far this my well be the best broadcast camera I’ve ever used, so watch this space.

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