_PS22342Well the last thing I was thinking about at the moment was using the Fujis, but as they say it’s an ill wind that blows no good, what I mean to say is I’m ill with sort of thing (Laryngitis, cold etc.) that you expect in January, not supposedly flaming June.  I’ve lost my voice and for the last couple of days, the will to live.  Please don’t mock me with the “Man-Flu” thing, this hurts.  Anyway I also have a neighbour who is in my opinion an obsessive feeder of birds, she does it on a near industrial scale.

I was woken from my sick bed really early this morning, by a cacophony as Richmond Park’s wild Parakeets descended on the garden outside our back window.  As I drew our curtains they all flew off, but I was awake so made some tea and sat on the sofa, and of course dosed off.  Sure enough, I was woken by the mayhem of the birds returning to the bird feeders.  At this point, while still lying on the bed I slowly picked up the camera.  soon enough the jackdaws and squirrels arrived too.

These are now uploaded to Alamy.com as stock and I hope that at least my disturbance will at some point pay off. For the technically minded these were shot on a Fujifilm X-Pro 2 with 100-400mm lens at f:5.6 1000th/sec shutter speed and 1000 iso sensitivity.  processed in Adobe Camera Raw, using the Fujifilm Classic Chrome preset.  The 100-400 is proving a real good bit of kit for sports and wildlife photography and as I have always liked to shoot landscapes with a telephoto, I may try it out when I’m on out in the country in August. This and the other images I’ve been doing lately convince me that the Fuji system is the right choice.





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